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20 April 2008 @ 03:39 pm
Heyy guys!  
I'm really excited to start up Hollywood_ichal again! I hope you all are too! I'm hoping to start it up soon! Get ready guys :) I really hope we have some more participation this time! Before it was great, but it was always the same people! I'm not complaining, but I hope to see some familiar and new faces :D Thanks everyone!

PS - 
I think I need one more mod! I don't know if lurrrve is still on LJ. (If you are -- comment!) Anyways, if you would like to moderate with me, comment here. Mods will help choose challenges, make awards, set up voting, etcc. It's like a co-owner :] If you'd be interested, let me know! 

Thanks guys!

xo, Lindsey 
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